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Founded in 1919, the Jayhawk Cafe (aka The Hawk) has been a campus tradition. It is the oldest existing campus establishment. From its modest beginnings, to being one of the most popular drinking establishments in Lawrence, the one constant has been our dedication to servicing our customers.

Phog Allen was renowned for his pregame routine:
3:30 -- He met with his players downtown at the Eldridge Hotel, then had the players take a one-hour nap, "undressed and between clean sheets."
4:30 -- The team walked one mile.
5:30 -- The team ate a meal at the Jayhawk Cafe. The meal consisted of two slices of whole wheat toast, a portion of honey, a half grapefruit, celery and hot chocolate. There were no deviations or substitutions.
6:00 -- The players warmed their bare feet by a fireplace for 15 minutes.

Adolph Rupp worked at the Jayhawk Cafe parttime during his four years in Lawrence.

A certain celebrity visited The Hawk in 2009.

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